Cramer Soccer Sport Pants – Ultimate Protection for Youth Soccer Players

When it comes to protecting your young soccer players during intense matches, look no further than Cramer Soccer Sport Pants. These youth-sized soccer pants are engineered to provide comprehensive protection with a focus on high-impact areas. Featuring a combination of perforated closed-cell EVA foam padding, including hip, tail, thigh, and knee pads, these pants offer the ultimate defense against tackles, falls, and rough play on the field.

The built-in closed-cell EVA foam padding offers remarkable impact absorption, while removable thigh pads with high-impact plastic interiors add an extra layer of safety. What sets these pants apart is the high-rise hip padding, specifically designed to shield the iliac crest from painful hip pointers, ensuring your young athlete stays in the game with confidence.

Cramer Soccer Sport Pants aren’t just about protection; they also offer comfort and durability. The lace-up fly front and tunnel belt provide a secure and adjustable fit. Crafted from 100% polyester, these pants feature a Dazzle fabric that withstands the rigors of the soccer field. Check the sizing chart image to ensure a proper fit for your youth player.

Youth Soccer Essential: Cramer Soccer Sport Pants are tailor-made for young soccer players, offering the protection they need during intense matches.

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🛡️ Complete Protection: Featuring closed-cell EVA foam padding in critical areas – hips, tail, thighs, and knees – these pants guard against rough tackles and impacts.

🦵 High-Impact Thigh Pads: Removable thigh pads come equipped with high-impact plastic interiors, adding an extra layer of safeguard for your young athlete.

💪 High-Rise Hip Padding: Uniquely designed hip padding protects the iliac crest from hip pointers, making these pants ideal for high-impact games.

🏃 Comfortable Fit: With a lace-up fly front and tunnel belt, these pants offer a secure and adjustable fit that stays in place through the game’s fast-paced movements.

💥 Durable Fabric: Crafted from 100% polyester Dazzle fabric, Cramer pants are built to withstand the demanding conditions of the soccer field.

Proper Sizing: Ensure the perfect fit by referring to the sizing chart image, so your young player can move freely and confidently.

🏆 Trusted Brand: Cramer has a reputation for quality and protection in sports gear, making these pants a reliable choice for soccer safety.

Boosted Confidence: By investing in Cramer Soccer Sport Pants, you’re giving your young athlete the confidence to play their best without worrying about injuries.

Feature Description
Protection Areas Hip, Tail, Thigh, Knee
Padding Material Perforated Closed-Cell EVA Foam
Additional Thigh Pads High-Impact Plastic Interior
High-Rise Hip Padding Protects Iliac Crest from Hip Pointers
Comfortable Fit Lace-Up Fly Front, Tunnel Belt
Fabric 100% Polyester (Dazzle Fabric)
Sizing Guide Refer to Sizing Chart Image for Proper Fit
Durability Resistant to Rigors of Soccer Play


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