Tri Gear Youth Padded Shirt – Black | Compression Fabric, DRI-GEAR Technology, and Low-Profile Padding for Ultimate Protection

The compression fabric with a high-compression fit allows me to move effortlessly during the game, providing the flexibility I need for peak performance.

The integrated wraparound pads offer maximum protection to my ribs and shoulders without compromising comfort. The DRI-GEAR technology keeps me dry, even in intense moments, ensuring I stay comfortable throughout the match.

The tank-top cut gives me the freedom to unleash my full range of motion, making this padded shirt a must-have for any young athlete serious about their game.

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The Tri Gear Youth Padded Shirt is the perfect companion for young athletes seeking both protection and performance. Whether on the soccer field, basketball court, or any other sports arena, this shirt excels. The compression fabric, combined with low-profile padding, offers a comfortable yet secure fit, ensuring maximum protection to the ribs and shoulders.

The tank-top cut allows for unrestricted movement, enabling athletes to showcase their skills with confidence. Ideal for intense games and practice sessions, the Tri Gear Youth Padded Shirt is a game-changer for youth sports enthusiasts.

High-Compression Fit for Dynamic Movement πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ: The Tri Gear Youth Padded Shirt boasts a high-compression fit, thanks to its Poly/spandex mix and 4-way stretch fabric. This design allows young athletes to move effortlessly and dynamically during the game, enhancing their overall performance.

Maximum Protection with Low-Profile Padding πŸ›‘οΈ: Engineered with integrated wraparound pads, this shirt ensures maximum protection to the ribs and shoulders. The low-profile design not only offers effective coverage but also maintains a sleek and comfortable feel for the wearer.

Flexibility with Tri-Flex Pattern πŸ”„: Featuring a Tri-Flex pattern, the pads of this shirt flex and adapt to the athlete’s body, providing a customized fit. This flexibility is crucial for accommodating various body movements during different sports activities.

DRI-GEAR Technology for Lasting Comfort 🌧️: The DRI-GEAR technology embedded in the fabric efficiently wicks away moisture. Young athletes can stay dry and comfortable throughout the game, ensuring a distraction-free and enjoyable playing experience.

Tank-Top Cut for Unrestricted Motion πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ: The tank-top cut of this padded shirt allows athletes to utilize their full range of motion. Whether making powerful shots, swift passes, or quick sprints, the tank-top design ensures freedom of movement for a competitive edge.

Perfect for Intense Games and Practices πŸ€βš½: Tailored for young athletes, this padded shirt is the ideal companion for intense games and practice sessions. It provides the necessary protection and comfort required for the demands of competitive sports.

Stylish Black Design for Athletic Appeal ⚫πŸ”₯: Beyond its functional features, the Tri Gear Youth Padded Shirt comes in a sleek black design that adds an element of style to the athlete’s uniform. The shirt not only performs well but looks great on the field.

Available in Youth Sizes for a Perfect Fit πŸ‘•πŸ‘§: Tri Gear understands the importance of a proper fit for young athletes. This padded shirt is available in Youth sizes, ensuring that every wearer gets the perfect fit for optimal performance and protection.

Feature Benefit
Compression Fabric 4-way stretch fabric for dynamic movement
Low-Profile Padding Maximum protection with a sleek design
Tri-Flex Pattern Flexible pads adapting to the player’s body
DRI-GEAR Technology Moisture-wicking for lasting comfort
Tank-Top Cut Unrestricted motion for full range of movement
Stylish Black Design Adds an athletic appeal to the player’s look


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