Scorpion Youth Soccer Shoulder Pad – Protective Gear for Young Players (Black/Neon Green) – Ideal for 100-130lbs Players

Scorpion Youth Soccer Shoulder Pad in striking Black and Neon Green is the ultimate protective gear for young players weighing between 100-130lbs. Its durable cantilever design disperses impact and shock, ensuring the pad maintains its shape and structural integrity.

The secure fit, facilitated by 1-inch wide sliding elastic straps, offers both comfort and freedom of movement. Easy unhooking with the quick-release system allows players to independently put on or remove the pads.

Customizable with pre-drilled holes for attachments like backplates and neck collars (available separately), these shoulder pads are designed to accommodate young players up to 180 pounds.

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Experience the freedom to customize with pre-drilled holes, allowing players to personalize their pads with attachments like backplates and neck collars.

Durability Beyond Limits: πŸ”’ The Scorpion Youth Soccer Shoulder Pad boasts a cantilever design that expertly disperses impact and shock, ensuring the pad’s prolonged structural integrity. Crafted with high-impact polyethylene, it enhances arch strength and durability, making it an investment in long-lasting protection.

Tailored for Young Warriors: πŸ‘¦πŸ›‘οΈ Specifically designed for young soccer warriors weighing between 100-130lbs, these shoulder pads provide optimal protection without compromising on comfort. Let the aspiring stars take the field with confidence and security.

Secure Fit for Enhanced Performance: πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ The sliding 1-inch wide elastic straps offer a secure fit, allowing players to adjust the tightness for optimum comfort. The pads conform to the chest, ensuring a snug fit that doesn’t restrict breath or movement, empowering players for peak performance.

Independence in Gear Handling: πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ The easy release system of the Scorpion Shoulder Pads empowers young players to handle their gear independently. Unhooking the straps becomes a breeze, allowing them to put on or remove the pads without assistance, fostering self-reliance.

Personalization Possibilities: 🎨 With pre-drilled holes, these shoulder pads open a realm of personalization. Players can customize their gear with attachments like backplates and neck collars, tailoring their protective ensemble to their unique style and needs.

Versatility in Size Options: πŸ“ Available in 7 different sizes, the Scorpion shoulder pads cater to a wide range of young players, accommodating their unique physiques. From the budding talent to the seasoned player, find the perfect fit for players up to 180 pounds.

Dynamic Color Scheme: 🌈 The Black and Neon Green color scheme adds a touch of flair to the protective gear, making the Scorpion shoulder pads not just about safety but also about making a stylish statement on the field.

Investment in Safety: βš½οΈπŸ›‘οΈ Youth Soccer Shoulder Pads. Crafted with precision and care, these pads ensure that young players can pursue their passion with minimized risk and enhanced protection.

Feature Specification
Durability Cantilever design, High-impact polyethylene construction
Secure Fit Sliding 1-inch wide elastic straps
Easy Unhooking Quick-release system for independent handling
Customization Options Pre-drilled holes for attachments (backplates, etc.)
Size Options 7 sizes available, suitable for players up to 180lbs
Color Black and Neon Green
Ideal Weight Range 100-130lbs
Independence in Handling Easy unhooking for self-application/removal


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