adidas Adizero 8.0 Soccer Receiver’s Gloves – Royal X-Large – Unrivaled Grip and Performance

Crafted for elite athletes, these gloves provide unparalleled grip in all weather conditions, thanks to the Adidas exclusive GRIPTACK palm technology.

The TECHFIT multi-directional fabric ensures a perfect fit, adapting to the shape and structure of every hand. Whether on the football field or during training, stay cool and dry with the CLIMA-COOL technology.

The 8.0 Prime Knit design delivers optimum structure and support for peak performance. With an injection-molded rubber tab and a secure hook and loop closure, these gloves offer a customized fit with no snags or slips.

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Injection-molded rubber tab for secure lockdown with a snag-free hook and loop closure.

Unmatched Grip in All Conditions: 🌧️ The adidas Adizero 8.0 Soccer Receiver’s Gloves boast the exclusive GRIPTACK palm technology, providing an unparalleled grip that holds steady in all weather conditions. Athletes can confidently catch, control, and dominate, rain or shine.

Perfect Fit Every Time: 🤲 With the TECHFIT multi-directional fabric, these gloves adapt seamlessly to the unique shape and structure of every hand, ensuring an excellent fit. Athletes can focus on their performance without the distraction of ill-fitting gear.

Stay Cool, Stay Dry: ❄️ The CLIMA-COOL technology embedded in these gloves keeps athletes cool and dry when it matters most. No matter how intense the game or practice, players can maintain their comfort and focus on the task at hand.

Elite Performance with 8.0 Prime Knit: 🚀 Engineered for the elite athlete, the 8.0 Prime Knit design of these gloves delivers optimum structure and support. Athletes can experience peak performance, making these gloves an essential part of their kit.

Secure Lockdown, Customized Fit: 🔐 The injection-molded rubber tab ensures a secure lockdown, providing peace of mind during intense plays. The hook and loop closure, designed to be snag-free, offers a customized fit that stays in place without compromising on comfort.

Versatile for Every Position: ⚽ These gloves aren’t just for receivers; they’re versatile enough for athletes in various positions. Whether catching passes or making plays, the Adizero 8.0 Soccer Receiver’s Gloves are the go-to choice for athletes who demand excellence.

Durable Performance Gear: 🛡️ Crafted with durability in mind, these gloves are built to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay and training sessions. Athletes can trust in the longevity of their gear, making the Adizero 8.0 a wise investment.

Style and Substance: 🌈 Not only do these gloves offer superior performance, but they also bring style to the field. Athletes can showcase their prowess with the royal color, making a statement with every catch and play.

Feature Specification
GRIPTACK Palm Technology Unrivaled Grip in All Weather Conditions
TECHFIT Multi-Directional Fabric Perfect Adaptation to Hand Shape and Structure
CLIMA-COOL Technology Keeps Athletes Cool and Dry
8.0 Prime Knit Design Optimum Structure and Support for Elite Performance
Injection-Molded Rubber Tab Secure Lockdown with No Snag
Hook and Loop Closure Customized Fit
Versatility Suitable for Various Positions
Durable Construction Withstands Intense Gameplay and Training


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