Fly Youth Soccer Shoulder Pads: Varsity Protection for Young Athletes! 🏈

These Xenith Fly Youth Soccer Shoulder Pads are the ultimate protective gear designed specifically for young and junior football players. Whether your child is just starting their football journey or is already an aspiring athlete, these shoulder pads offer essential protection. They are suitable for use in various youth football leagues, school teams, and recreational games, ensuring that young players stay safe while enjoying the game they love.”

Why to Buy:

🛡️ Varsity-Level Protection: These youth shoulder pads incorporate varsity-level protection technology, making them ideal for young football players. They provide the same high-quality protection you’d expect in varsity gear but in a youth-friendly fit.

🏋️ Lightweight Advantage: Xenith understands that young athletes need gear that doesn’t hinder their performance. These shoulder pads are designed to be lightweight and low profile, allowing for a full range of movement. Your child can run, tackle, and catch without feeling weighed down.

🔄 Full Range of Motion: Thanks to their lightweight design, these shoulder pads won’t restrict your child’s movements on the field. Whether it’s pivoting, sprinting, or making tackles, these pads provide the protection they need without compromising agility.

⚙️ Easy Maintenance: Young athletes can get pretty dirty on the field. Xenith makes it easy to keep these shoulder pads clean and well-maintained. The removable padding can be easily taken out for cleaning, ensuring your child has fresh and hygienic gear for every game.

👍 Youth-Focused Fit: These shoulder pads are tailored to fit youth football players perfectly. The design takes into account the unique needs and dimensions of young athletes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Whether your child is starting their football journey or is already a dedicated athlete, these shoulder pads provide the peace of mind and confidence they need to excel on the field. Make the smart choice for your young athlete’s safety and performance with Xenith Fly Youth Soccer Shoulder Pads. 🏈🌟

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🏈 Versatile Use: These shoulder pads are versatile and suitable for various youth football leagues, including flag football, tackle football, and more. Whether your child is playing with friends or in an organized league, these pads offer the necessary protection.

👧👦 For Young Athletes: As a parent or guardian, you want to ensure your child’s safety on the field. Investing in quality protective gear like these shoulder pads is a responsible choice, allowing your child to pursue their passion for football with confidence.

🌟 Trusted Brand: Xenith is a well-known and trusted brand in the world of football gear. With a commitment to safety and performance, you can trust that these shoulder pads are designed with the best interests of young athletes in mind.

In summary, the Xenith Fly Youth Soccer Shoulder Pads are a game-changer for young football players. They combine top-tier protection, lightweight design, and a youth-focused fit to create a winning combination.

DURABILITY: Laceless design and buckle straps present sturdy and reliable put on each season.

RELIABILITY: Belt and buckle measurement changes system eliminates pointless bungees and straps and ensures a lock-down match, each time.


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