Quickster Portable Soccer Goal and Net – 3297, 8 x 5 Ft – Durable Design for High-Intensity Training

Quickster Portable Soccer Goal and Net, measuring 8 x 5 feet, is the ideal companion for soccer enthusiasts seeking high-intensity training sessions.

Whether in the backyard, local park, or sports field, users can experience quick and easy setup, thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

Crafted with a durable 2-ply netting, heavy gauge tarpaulin facing, and featuring the innovative Pressure-Tite Frame Technology, this goal provides a reliable and sturdy training partner that sets up and breaks down in under 2 minutes.

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Quick-Setup Click-Lock Tubing: The click-lock tubing ensures a secure and swift assembly, allowing users to spend less time setting up and more time on focused, high-intensity training.

High-Intensity Training Anywhere, Anytime: ⚽ The SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal and Net redefine training possibilities. Whether in the backyard, at the local park, or on the sports field, users can turn any space into a high-intensity training ground with this versatile and easily transportable goal.

Innovative Pressure-Tite Frame Technology: 🏋️‍♂️ SKLZ incorporates Pressure-Tite Frame Technology for a goal that stands up to the intensity of training sessions. The sturdy frame ensures that the goal remains in place, providing a reliable target for shots, passes, and skill development.

Durable 2-Ply Netting: 🛡️ Designed to withstand powerful shots and intense training drills, the 2-ply netting of this soccer goal ensures longevity. Soccer enthusiasts can focus on their performance without worrying about wear and tear.

Heavy Gauge Tarpaulin Facing: 🌧️ The heavy gauge tarpaulin facing adds an extra layer of durability, making the goal resistant to the elements. Rain or shine, this goal is built to withstand the challenges of outdoor training.

Quick and Easy Setup with Click-Lock Tubing: 🚀 With click-lock tubing, users can set up the goal swiftly and securely. Spend less time assembling and more time training with a goal that facilitates a seamless training experience.

Lightweight and Portable Design: 🌐 The lightweight and portable design make this soccer goal the perfect training companion. Take it anywhere, set it up quickly, and transform any space into a dynamic training environment.

Sets Up and Breaks Down in Under 2 Minutes: ⏱️ Time is of the essence in high-intensity training. The SKLZ Quickster ensures that users can spend minimal time on setup, allowing them to maximize training time and focus on performance improvement.

Training Partner: 🎯 Whether working on precision shots, passing drills, or agility exercises, this goal’s durable design and portable nature make it a versatile training partner for soccer enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Feature Specification
Netting Material Durable 2-ply netting
Facing Material Heavy gauge tarpaulin facing
Frame Technology Pressure-Tite Frame Technology
Size 8 x 5 feet
Setup Time Under 2 minutes
Portability Lightweight and portable design
Assembly Click-lock tubing for quick and secure setup


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