Quickster 7×7 Ft Portable Soccer Coaching Web for Precision Passing Training

This innovative training tool is designed to enhance passing power and accuracy. Whether on the field or in the backyard, this portable web coach offers a versatile solution for quarterbacks aiming to perfect their throws. 🏈

The Quickster boasts patented Tension-Tate frame technology, ensuring rapid assembly in just 90 seconds. Its quick-connect tubing and enhanced Quick Clip web attachments facilitate hassle-free setup. πŸš€

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Precision Passing Mastery: Designed for precision passing, it empowers quarterbacks to hone their skills with three strategically placed targets for improved accuracy. 🌟

Swift Setup for Instant Action: The Quickster’s patented Tension-Tate frame technology, quick-connect tubing, and improved Quick Clip web attachments enable a rapid setup in as few as 90 seconds. Get your training session started swiftly and efficiently. πŸ•’

Built for Endurance: With triple-gusset reinforced corner joints, this soccer coaching web is engineered for high-intensity training. Its durable 3-ply polyester web, robust steel frame, and sturdy plastic components ensure season after season of reliable use. πŸ› οΈ

Portable Performance: Compact and easy to transport, the Quickster measures only 37.6 x 4.5 x 37.5 inches when packed. Weighing just 7.4 pounds, it’s equipped with four ground stakes, anchor cords, and a convenient carry bagβ€”your portable solution for quarterback precision training. πŸŽ’

Year-Round Reliability: Crafted with a commitment to durability, the Quickster comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Invest in a training tool that stands the test of time, providing consistent performance season after season. ⏳

Versatile Training Anywhere: Tailored for use in various settings, from professional training fields to backyard sessions, the Quickster offers versatile training opportunities. Elevate quarterback skills with targeted precision passing practice, wherever the game takes you. 🌐

Sturdy Construction, Lightweight Design: The combination of a robust steel frame and lightweight materials ensures a sturdy yet easily transportable design. Focus on training without worrying about the logisticsβ€”this portable coaching web has you covered. πŸ’ͺ

Complete Training Package: The Quickster includes not only the 7×7 Ft web but also four ground stakes and anchor cords for stability. Topped off with a carry bag for easy transport, it provides a comprehensive training package for quarterbacks aiming for passing perfection. 🎯

Q: What sets the SKLZ Quickster apart for quarterback training? A: The Quickster stands out with its patented Tension-Tate frame, quick-connect tubing, and Quick Clip web attachments, enabling rapid setup and precision passing practice.

Q: Is it suitable for intense training sessions? A: Absolutely, with triple-gusset reinforced corner joints and durable construction, the Quickster is engineered to endure high-intensity training.

Q: Can it be used in different locations? A: Yes, its compact design makes it versatile for various settings, from professional fields to backyard training sessions.

Feature Specification
Dimensions 7×7 Ft (Expanded), 37.6 x 4.5 x 37.5 inches (Packed)
Setup Time As few as 90 seconds
Frame Technology Patented Tension-Tate
Material 3-ply Polyester Web, Steel Frame, Plastic Elements
Weight 7.4 pounds
Additional Inclusions 4 Ground Stakes, Anchor Cords, Carry Bag


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