Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm – Customizable Sports Mouthguard with On-the-Go Molding Heat Pack

Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm with a unique twist – it comes with a single-use molding heat pack that allows you to customize the fit on the spot, without the need for hot water, batteries, or other heat sources. This mouthguard is designed for both youth and adults, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a secure and comfortable fit. Say goodbye to ill-fitting mouthguards and hello to a personalized solution in just minutes.

Customized Fit: The included heat pack allows you to mold the mouthguard to your unique dental structure, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. 🔥

On-the-Go Convenience: Whether you’re on the field, court, or at the gym, you can easily customize your mouthguard without any hassle. 🏀

Maximum Protection: At 2.4mm thickness, our Max mouthguard offers superior protection compared to typical sports mouthguards, shielding your teeth and jaw from impact. 💪


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Slim Profile: Despite its exceptional protection, the Max is 30% thinner than traditional mouthguards, ensuring a comfortable fit and easy breathing during sports activities. 😅

Youth and Adult Friendly: Designed for both youth and adults, this mouthguard is perfect for the whole family, providing peace of mind during sports and physical activities. 🤼‍♂️

Heat-Activated: The molding heat pack activates quickly and effectively, giving you precise control over the fit of your mouthguard. 🔥

Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Mouth Guards Max is built to withstand the rigors of sports, lasting you through numerous games and practices. 🏈

Hot Pink Design: Stand out on the field or court with our vibrant hot pink mouthguard – a stylish addition to your sports gear. 💖

Trusted Brand: Our mouthguards are brought to you by SISU, a trusted name in sports safety, known for innovation and quality. 🏆

Invest in your safety and comfort during sports and physical activities with our Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm. Whether you’re playing contact sports, hitting the gym, or simply enjoying recreational activities, protect your teeth and jaw with confidence. The customizable fit ensures that your mouthguard won’t interfere with your performance, allowing you to focus on your game. Choose convenience, protection, and style all in one package. Don’t wait – get your Mouth Guards Max today! 🥋💥

The slim, customized match makes it simple to speak, breath and drink with out eradicating the guard; protected materials is freed from BPA, PVC, phthalates and latex.

Diffusix expertise scientifically distributes affect forces from soccer, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and different contact video games.

SISU Max mouth guards provide premium, warrantied dental safety for gamers age 11 and up, together with adults; included transportable warmth pack is air-activated.



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