All-Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads, Medium – Varsity Style Protection for Every Position

This lightweight design caters to the unique needs of young athletes seeking varsity-style protection. Ideal for all positions on the field, the extended body length provides additional coverage, ensuring comprehensive safety during intense gameplay.

Whether it’s on the gridiron, during practice, or under the Friday night lights, these shoulder pads deliver top-notch protection and comfort.

🏈 ALL-PURPOSE DESIGN: The Schutt Y-Flex 4.0 shoulder pads are engineered for versatility, suitable for all positions on the football field. From quarterbacks to linemen, these pads offer comprehensive protection for every player.

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🌬️ MAXIMUM AIR FLOW: Experience superior comfort with dual-density padding combined with breathable mesh and 7mm vent holes. This innovative design promotes maximum air circulation, keeping young athletes cool and focused throughout the game.

🚀 LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE: The Y-Flex 4.0 boasts a lightweight construction, ensuring that young athletes can move freely without being weighed down. This allows for agility and speed on the field, crucial for making impactful plays.

🔄 ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC BELT: The shoulder pads feature an adjusting elastic belt with attachment points at three arches. This design minimizes movement during play, providing consistent protection and ensuring a secure fit for young athletes.

🛡️ VARSITY-STYLE PROTECTION: Catering to the unique needs of youth athletes, these shoulder pads offer varsity-style protection. The design takes inspiration from high-level play, ensuring that young players feel confident and secure on the field.

🤸 EXTENDED BODY LENGTH: The Y-Flex 4.0 features an extended body length, delivering additional protection to the young athlete. This extra coverage is especially crucial in intense plays and adds a layer of confidence to every move.

🌈 MEDIUM SIZE: Specifically designed in a medium size, these shoulder pads are crafted to fit the unique proportions of youth athletes. The right fit is essential for optimal performance and protection on the field.

🏆 TRUSTED BRAND: Schutt Sports is a trusted brand in the world of football equipment. With a reputation for quality and innovation, these shoulder pads are a reliable choice for parents and coaches seeking top-notch gear for young athletes.

💪 DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Built to withstand the rigors of youth football, the Y-Flex 4.0 is durably constructed. It can handle the impact and demands of the game, ensuring a longer lifespan for the shoulder pads.

Feature Details
All-Purpose Design Suitable for all positions on the football field
Maximum Air Flow Dual-density padding, breathable mesh, and 7mm vent holes for superior comfort
Lightweight Performance Ensures agility and speed on the field
Adjustable Elastic Belt Minimizes movement with attachment points at three arches
Varsity-Style Protection Inspired by high-level play for confidence and security
Extended Body Length Provides additional coverage for enhanced protection
Medium Size Specifically designed to fit youth athletes in a medium size
Trusted Brand Schutt Sports is known for quality and innovation
Durable Construction Built to withstand the rigors of youth football for a longer lifespan


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