Youth Football Helmet – Proven Impact Absorption, Custom Fit, and Advanced Tektonic Plates (Facemask NOT Included), Matte Black

Designed for the young gridiron gladiators, this helmet boasts TPU Cushioning, the most advanced impact absorption system in football. Whether it’s the thrilling moments on the field or intense practices, the SureFit inflatable Air Liner ensures a lightweight feel and a personalized fit along the back and sides.

With 3-Dimensional Tektonic Plates strategically placed, rotational forces are countered, and the Flexural Resistance design enhances strength.

The Helmet Stabilization System, featuring a larger jaw pad configuration, guarantees both comfort and performance. Note: Facemask NOT included.

Experience the unbeatable strength and tailored fit of the Schutt Sports F7 LX1, where every impact is met with advanced TPU Cushioning. 🏈🔥

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Proven Impact Absorption:  Utilizing TPU Cushioning, this helmet sets the bar for impact absorption in football, proving its effectiveness across a wide range of temperatures. Keep young players safe with the latest in protective technology. 🌡️🛡️

Customized Fit for Maximum Comfort: The SureFit inflatable Air Liner is a game-changer, reducing weight and providing a personalized fit along the back and sides. Young athletes can focus on the game without distractions, knowing their helmet is comfortably secured for optimal performance. 🎈👤

Advanced Tektonic Plates for Enhanced Performance: The F7 LX1 incorporates 3-Dimensional Tektonic Plates strategically, responding to impacts independently and in multiple directions. This revolutionary design enhances the helmet’s performance against rotational forces, ensuring top-tier protection on the field. ⚙️💥

Flexural Resistance for Durability: Engineered with Flexural Resistance, this helmet strengthens the shell in the crucial back shelf location. The design improves overall durability and impact absorption, making it a reliable choice for young football enthusiasts. 🛠️🔒

Helmet Stabilization System for Ultimate Comfort: The Helmet Stabilization System is a pinnacle of comfort and performance. Featuring a larger, more comfortable jaw pad configuration, along with internal and external stabilizers made of high-performance impact foam, it guarantees a secure and comfortable fit. 🤲🏈

Matte Black Elegance: With a sleek Matte Black finish, the F7 LX1 doesn’t just excel in performance but also stands out on the field with a touch of elegance. Young players can showcase their style while staying protected during every play. ⚫👑

Perfect for Intense Practices: The Schutt F7 LX1 is not just for game days; it’s built for intense practices. Young athletes can confidently push their limits, knowing that the helmet’s advanced features are designed to absorb impact and withstand rigorous training sessions. 🏋️‍♂️🌟

Invest in Future Champions: Parents, coaches, and players alike can invest in the future of football with the Schutt F7 LX1 Youth Football Helmet. Its combination of cutting-edge technology, comfort, and durability makes it the ideal choice for shaping the champions of tomorrow. 🌐🏆

Q: Is the facemask included with the Schutt F7 LX1 Youth Football Helmet? A: No, the facemask is not included with the helmet. However, it can be purchased separately to customize the helmet based on individual preferences.

Q: Can the Schutt F7 LX1 be used for intense training sessions? A: Absolutely! The F7 LX1 is designed to withstand rigorous practices, providing advanced impact absorption and durability for young athletes during both games and intense training sessions.


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