Keep Active and Protected with Sborter Knee Pads for Kids – Ideal for Cycling, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Skating, and Dancing Activities

Crafted from breathable cotton and featuring a sponge pad for comfort, these knee pads are designed for all-day wear during various activities.

Whether it’s cycling, volleyball, basketball, soccer, skating, or dancing, the Sborter Knee Pads provide essential support and protection to your child’s joints. The Size M, suitable for thigh circumferences of 27-33cm, ensures a secure fit.

With thick sponge padding in the joint area, these knee sleeves aid in injury recovery and reduce joint pain, making them an essential gear for your child’s sports endeavors.

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🌈 Versatile Protection: Sborter Knee Pads for Kids are the ultimate companion for young sports enthusiasts engaged in various outdoor activities. From dancing and cycling to volleyball and soccer, these knee pads provide versatile protection for your child’s joints.

🏀 Comfortable All-Day Wear: Made from a blend of cotton and sponge pad, these knee pads prioritize comfort during prolonged use. The breathable material ensures your child can wear them all day, allowing for unrestricted movement and enjoyment of their favorite sports.

📏 Customizable Fit: Available in Size M, suitable for thigh circumferences of 27-33cm, these knee pads offer a customizable fit for your child. Check image 4 to learn how to measure the thigh circumference accurately and provide your child with the perfect fit.

🎁 Package Inclusion: Each purchase includes a pair of knee sleeve pads, ensuring your child is equipped with the necessary protective gear for both knees. Make safety a priority with Sborter Knee Pads.

🛡️ Thick Sponge Padding: The knee padding sleeves feature thick sponge padding strategically placed in the joint area. This design provides significant support, ensuring your child’s joints are protected during sports and exercise activities.

🏂 Ideal for Various Sports: Whether your child is into rollerblading, scootering, ice skating, or wrestling, these knee pads offer comprehensive protection. Encourage their love for diverse sports while prioritizing their safety with Sborter Knee Pads.

🩰 Enhanced Injury Recovery: The thick padding not only protects but also aids in injury recovery. These knee pads are designed to reduce joint pain, making them an essential accessory for your child’s active lifestyle.

🎉 Stylish M Grey Design: The Size M knee pads come in a stylish grey color, adding a touch of flair to your child’s sports gear. Let them stand out on the field or rink while enjoying the benefits of reliable knee protection.

💪 Boost Confidence and Performance: With the assurance of knee protection, your child can confidently push their limits and enhance their sports performance. Sborter Knee Pads empower young athletes to pursue their passions without compromising safety.

Feature Description
Material Cotton + Sponge Pad
Size Size M (Thigh Circumference: 27-33cm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair Knee Sleeve Pads
Versatility Cycling, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Skating, Dancing
Comfort Breathable & Comfortable, All-Day Wear
Customizable Fit Check Image 4 for Thigh Circumference Measurement
Thick Sponge Padding Joint Support and Injury Recovery
Ideal for Various Sports Roller Skating, Snowboarding, Scootering, Wrestling, and more
Stylish Design M Grey Color


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