Riddell JPK Plus Shoulder Pads, Medium, Black/Purple

Riddell JPK Plus Shoulder Pads, the ultimate choice for athletes seeking top-notch protection, performance, and style. These shoulder pads are equipped with cutting-edge features that cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts, making them perfect for football. Let’s dive into why you should consider investing in these shoulder pads and where and when they can be used.

Where and When to Use: The Riddell JPK Plus Shoulder Pads are tailor-made for football players of all levels. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a college player, or just a passionate enthusiast, these shoulder pads will provide the protection and mobility you need on the field. They are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the game while ensuring your safety and comfort throughout every play.

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Now, let’s explore nine compelling reasons why these shoulder pads are a must-have for football players:

Main Features Benefits
Totally built-in Ripcord Technology Instantly release the pads in emergency situations, ensuring quick access to medical attention in case of injury.
Detachable/Adjustment Channels and Deltoid Pads Customize your fit for the perfect level of comfort and protection.
Sport type: Football Specially designed for football players, ensuring they’re getting the best in-game experience.
STAC Shoulder System The cap and epaulet system provides robust AC joint protection while allowing optimal mobility, reducing the risk of injuries.
Air Management Liner Keeps you cool and comfortable by regulating airflow during intense gameplay, preventing overheating.
Black/Purple Design Aesthetically pleasing color combination for style-conscious players.
Medium Size A versatile size that accommodates a wide range of athletes, ensuring a snug fit.
Premium Quality Materials Made from durable materials, these pads are built to last season after season.
Enhanced Safety Features Prioritizes player safety with innovative technologies and adjustable components.

The Riddell JPK Plus Shoulder Pads are the ideal choice for football players looking for superior protection, comfort, and style. Gear up with these pads and step onto the field with confidence and flair. 🏈


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