Reebok Professional Full Blitz KFC HD Soccer Cleats – Superior Traction for Grass and Turf (Size 13.5 US) in White Navy Silver

These cleats are engineered to provide excellent support and traction on both grass and field turf, making them the ideal choice for soccer enthusiasts seeking an edge in performance.

Whether you’re on the pitch, training, or engaging in a friendly match, these cleats offer a lightweight design, superior comfort, and advanced features that elevate your playing experience.

The Reebok Professional Full Blitz KFC HD Soccer Cleats boast a MorTrac FGT Ice cleat configuration with a lightweight seven-stud plate, ensuring exceptional support and traction.

This innovative design allows for confident moves on various playing surfaces, giving players the advantage they need. The cleats are equipped with KFS expansion joints and Full Blitz technology, enabling natural foot movement for enhanced agility.

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Superior Traction for Enhanced Performance: The Reebok Professional Full Blitz KFC HD Soccer Cleats are equipped with a MorTrac FGT Ice cleat configuration, featuring a lightweight seven-stud plate.

This advanced design ensures exceptional traction, providing soccer players with superior stability and support on both grass and field turf. Elevate your performance and outmaneuver the opposition with confidence. 🌐⚽

Unmatched Comfort for Prolonged Play: The padded collar and tongue of these soccer cleats offer unparalleled comfort throughout the game. Soccer enthusiasts can enjoy extended play without discomfort, thanks to the thoughtful design that prioritizes all-around comfort. Stay focused on your performance without any distractions. πŸŒŸπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Cool and Dry Feet with Moisture-Wicking Technology: Experience micro-perforation zones and a Play Dry lining that actively wicks away moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry during intense matches. Beat the heat and maintain peak performance with cleats designed to enhance your comfort on the field. πŸŒ¬οΈπŸ‘Ÿ

Reliable Shock Absorption with Lightweight EVA Insole: The lightweight EVA insole and midsole of the Reebok Professional Full Blitz KFC HD Soccer Cleats provide reliable shock absorption. Enjoy a cushioned feel with each step, reducing the impact on your feet and allowing you to play comfortably for longer periods. πŸ”„πŸ›‘οΈ

Enhanced Flexibility with KFS Expansion Joints: The inclusion of KFS expansion joints in these soccer cleats allows for natural foot movement. Experience enhanced flexibility, agility, and responsiveness on the field, giving you the freedom to make quick, precise moves. Stay ahead of the game with cleats that move with you. πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸ”„

Full Blitz Technology for Unrestricted Movement: The Full Blitz technology incorporated into these soccer cleats ensures unrestricted movement. Whether you’re making rapid cuts or accelerating down the field, these cleats move naturally with your feet. Stay agile and perform at your best with every play. πŸš€βš½

Ideal Fit for Size 13.5 US: These Reebok Professional Full Blitz KFC HD Soccer Cleats are available in size 13.5 US, offering an ideal fit for players seeking comfort, stability, and performance. Enjoy a personalized fit that enhances your overall playing experience. πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Œ

Stylish White Navy Silver Design: Beyond performance, these soccer cleats feature a stylish design in white, navy, and silver. Make a statement on the field with cleats that not only perform exceptionally but also add a touch of flair to your soccer gear. 🎨⚽

Q: Can these cleats be used on both grass and field turf?

A: Yes, the MorTrac FGT Ice cleats and seven-stud plate configuration make these cleats suitable for excellent support and traction on both grass and field turf.

Q: What makes the padded collar and tongue unique?

A: The padded collar and tongue provide exceptional all-around comfort, allowing soccer players to enjoy extended play without discomfort.

Q: Are these cleats suitable for intense matches?

A: Absolutely! The moisture-wicking Play Dry lining, lightweight EVA insole, and shock absorption features make these cleats reliable for prolonged, intense gameplay.

Q: How do the KFS expansion joints contribute to performance?

A: The KFS expansion joints enhance flexibility, allowing for natural foot movement. Players experience improved agility and responsiveness on the field.

Q: Is the Full Blitz technology restrictive in any way?

A: No, Full Blitz technology ensures unrestricted movement. Players can make rapid cuts, accelerate, and perform dynamic movements without any hindrance.


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