Professional Adjustable Hurdles and Cone Set – Enhance Agility in Soccer, Sports, and Plyometric Training – 6 Heights, 12 Cones, Bonus eBooks

The ease of setup and adjustment allows me to focus on what matters most – enhancing my players’ agility and speed. The ‘breakaway’ system is a game-changer, ensuring durability without the risk of injuries.

The compact design and lightweight nature make it perfect for on-the-go coaching.

The inclusion of bonus eBooks adds extra value, providing a comprehensive guide to speed and agility drills. This set is a must-have for coaches, athletes, and anyone passionate about improving performance.

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The Professional Adjustable Hurdles and Cone Set is the go-to equipment for enhancing agility in soccer, sports, and plyometric training. Whether you’re a coach aiming to elevate your team’s performance or an athlete dedicated to improving speed and agility, this set offers versatile height options, easy setup, and durability.

Perfect for on-the-go training or organized sports practices, the compact design ensures portability, making it an ideal companion for soccer, football, basketball, or any sports enthusiast looking to take their agility to the next level.

Ultimate Agility Training Set with Bonus eBooks 🌐🏃‍♂️: The Professional Adjustable Hurdles and Cone Set is the ultimate agility training companion. With 6 adjustable hurdles, 12 speed cones, and 2 bonus eBooks featuring speed and agility drills, this set provides a comprehensive solution for athletes and coaches looking to enhance agility in various sports.

Quick Setup & Easy Height Adjustment 🏋️‍♀️🎯: Setting up and adjusting the hurdles is a breeze. The innovative design allows for easy height adjustment (6″, 9″, or 12″) with a simple rotation of the legs. Perfect for individuals of all ages and skill levels, eliminating the need for cumbersome tools and allowing more time for focused training.

Upgraded ‘Breakaway’ System for Durability 🛡️🚀: Unlike traditional hurdles prone to cracking and breaking, our professional-grade hurdles feature an upgraded ‘breakaway’ system. Durable, sturdy, and designed to last, these hurdles collapse flat under pressure, preventing injuries and ensuring longevity for season after season.

Compact & Lightweight Design for On-the-Go Training 🌟👜: The compact and lightweight nature of this hurdle and cone set sets it apart. Easily fold the hurdles flat and slide the entire set into the included mesh sport bag, making it a practical choice for coaches, athletes, or anyone passionate about sports training on the go.

Versatile Training for Soccer, Football, and More ⚽🏈: Tailored for agility improvement, this set is versatile enough to benefit various sports. Whether you’re a soccer player looking to enhance footwork or a football athlete focusing on speed, the Professional Adjustable Hurdles and Cone Set is your key to success.

Gift Idea for Coaches, Athletes, and Sports Enthusiasts 🎁👟: Searching for the perfect gift for a soccer coach, football player, or sports enthusiast? Look no further. This hurdle set is an excellent gift idea, offering a practical and effective solution for those dedicated to improving their agility and speed.

Enhanced Focus on Training, Not Setup 🎯🏃‍♀️: The hassle-free setup allows coaches and athletes to concentrate on what matters – the training itself. Say goodbye to time-consuming setup processes and hello to more productive and focused training sessions.

Comprehensive Agility Training Solution for All Skill Levels 🌈🏆: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, this agility set caters to all skill levels. The comprehensive training solution ensures that individuals can progressively enhance their agility, reaching new levels of performance and skill mastery.

Feature Benefit
6 Adjustable Hurdles Versatile training for various heights
12 Speed Cones Enhanced agility and speed drills
Bonus “Speed and Agility Hurdles and Cone Drills” eBooks Comprehensive training guide
Quick Setup & Easy Adjustment Time-efficient and suitable for all ages
Upgraded ‘Breakaway’ System Durable, sturdy, and injury-preventive
Compact & Lightweight Design Portable for on-the-go training and storage
Versatile Training for Multiple Sports Suitable for soccer, football, and more


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