Play Platoon 14-Player Flag Football Deluxe Set – Flags, Belts, Cones, and Fun!

Gear up for outdoor excitement with the Play Platoon 14-Player Flag Football Deluxe Set. With 14 belts, each adorned with three brightly colored flags, and 12 large, highly visible disc cones, this set is the epitome of fun and functionality.

The heavy-duty materials ensure durability, making it perfect for rowdy games that will create lasting memories. Ideal for kids and adults, these flag football belts, featuring adjustable D-rings, promise endless outdoor fun for parties, family reunions, summer camps, and more.

Adjustable D-ring design for a secure and personalized fit.

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Ultimate Flag Football Experience: 🏈 Elevate your flag football game with the Play Platoon Deluxe Set that includes 14 belts, each adorned with three flags secured by reliable hook and loop fasteners. This set is designed for an unforgettable 14-player experience, ensuring everyone can join in on the outdoor fun.

Bright and Visible: 🔵🔴 The flags in this set are not only functional but also vibrant, with bright red and blue colors ensuring easy identification of each player’s team affiliation. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and clarity to the game, making it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Enhanced Field Marking: 🚧 Take control of the playing field with 12 large and highly visible disc cones. These cones are perfect for marking goal lines, playing areas, and sidelines, contributing to a well-organized and clearly defined game space.

Rugged Durability: 💪 The Play Platoon set is built to last. The belts, cones, and flags are constructed from heavy-duty materials, designed to withstand the rigors of rough and rowdy games. Invest in a set that promises durability, ensuring long-term fun and entertainment.

Adjustable Comfort: 🔄 The adjustable D-ring design of the belts ensures a secure and comfortable fit for players of all ages. This thoughtful feature adds a personalized touch to the game, allowing participants to focus on the action without worrying about their equipment.

Versatile Outdoor Fun: 🌞 Perfect for kids and adults alike, this flag football set is a versatile source of outdoor entertainment. Whether you’re hosting a backyard party, family reunion, or summer camp activity, the Play Platoon Deluxe Set guarantees hours of laughter and enjoyment.

Safe and Secure: 🛡️ Safety is a top priority with the Play Platoon set. The secure attachment of flags with hook and loop fasteners ensures that the flags stay in place during the game, preventing unnecessary interruptions and ensuring a fair and exciting match.

Easy Set-Up and Storage: 🎉 The Play Platoon set is designed for convenience. Easy to set up and disassemble, this flag football set is accompanied by a mesh carrying bag, allowing for quick storage and hassle-free transportation to and from your favorite outdoor venues.

Feature Specification
Belts Included 14 with 3 Flags Each
Flag Colors Bright Red and Blue
Disc Cones Included 12 Large, Highly Visible Disc Cones
Material Durability Heavy-Duty and Rugged
Belt Design Adjustable D-ring for a Secure Fit
Versatility Suitable for Kids and Adults
Safety Assurance Flags Secured with Hook and Loop Fasteners


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