Workouts with ComCor Pro Large & Tall Sled Harness – Maximum Comfort and Versatility for Superior Training

As a fitness enthusiast with a tall and broad build, the ComCor Pro Large & Tall Sled Harness has been a game-changer in my training routine. The 3-inch broad padded shoulders provide unmatched comfort, and the one-size-fits-all design accommodates my 60″ torso size perfectly.

The added 2-inch belt enhances comfort around my torso and rib cage, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The steel O-ring anchor points allow versatile forward and backward pulls, making it an essential tool for various exercises.

The included 9′ pull strap with steel snap hooks, rated at 2000 lbs, adds durability to an already exceptional product. Made in the USA, this sled harness is a testament to quality and performance.

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The ComCor Pro Large & Tall Sled Harness is designed for individuals seeking optimum comfort and versatility in their training regimen. Whether you’re into strength training, resistance workouts, or agility drills, this harness is your go-to fitness companion.

The 3-inch broad padded shoulders ensure maximum comfort during intense sessions, making it suitable for individuals with a torso size of up to 60 inches. The 2-inch wide belt adds an extra layer of comfort around the torso and rib cage, providing a secure fit.

The steel O-ring anchor points allow for both forward and backward pulls, accommodating a wide range of exercises. Whether you’re pulling sleds, engaging in resistance training, or working on agility, this sled harness is your key to unlocking a new level of performance.

Unmatched Comfort with 3-Inch Padded Shoulders: The standout feature of the ComCor Pro Large & Tall Sled Harness lies in its 3-inch broad padded shoulders, providing unparalleled comfort during workouts. Experience a new level of support that allows you to push your limits without compromising on comfort. Elevate your training sessions with a harness designed for maximum coziness.

Versatile Fit for All Sizes: One size fits all, catering to adults with a torso size of up to 60 inches. No need to worry about finding the right fit – the ComCor Pro Large & Tall Sled Harness is designed to accommodate a broad range of body sizes. Enjoy the flexibility of a harness that adapts to your unique physique, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for everyone.

Enhanced Torso Support with 2-Inch Belt: The inclusion of a 2-inch wide belt takes the comfort of this sled harness to the next level. Experience enhanced support around your torso and rib cage, allowing for a snug and secure fit. Whether you’re engaged in intense resistance training or agility drills, the added belt comfort ensures that your focus remains on your workout, not on readjusting your gear.

Steel O-Ring Anchor Points for Versatile Workouts: The ComCor Pro harness features steel O-ring anchor points, allowing for versatile workout options. Pull forward or backward with confidence, knowing that the anchor points are built for durability and stability. Experience a full range of motion during your exercises, enhancing the effectiveness of each pull.

Durable Pull Strap for Intense Workouts: Included with the harness is a 9′ pull strap equipped with steel snap hooks, each rated at an impressive 2000 lbs. This durability ensures that your harness is ready for the most intense workouts, providing longevity and peace of mind. Embrace the power of a sled harness built to withstand the rigors of your fitness journey.

Made in the USA: The ComCor Pro Large & Tall Sled Harness proudly carries the “Made in the USA” label, reflecting a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. By choosing this harness, you support local manufacturing and ensure that your fitness gear meets the highest standards. Trust in a product that is made with precision and care.

Ideal for Strength Training and Resistance Workouts: Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, the ComCor Pro harness is ideal for strength training and resistance workouts. Pull sleds, engage in resistance drills, or incorporate agility exercises – the harness is versatile enough to handle a variety of training modalities. Elevate your workouts and achieve your fitness goals with this exceptional sled harness.

Optimal Training Partner for Agility Drills: Take your agility training to new heights with the ComCor Pro Large & Tall Sled Harness. The comfortable design, combined with the versatility of the steel O-ring anchor points, makes it the optimal training partner for agility drills. Improve your speed, coordination, and overall athletic performance with a harness that adapts to your every move.

Feature Specification
Shoulder Pads 3-Inch Broad Padded Shoulders
Torso Size One Size Fits All (Up to 60″ Torso Size)
Belt Width 2-Inch Wide Belt
Anchor Points Steel O-Ring Anchor Points
Pull Strap 9′ Pull Strap with Steel Snap Hooks (2000 lb rated)
Origin Made in the USA
Versatility Forward and Backward Pulls


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