Padded Girdle: Premium Protection for Soccer, Basketball, and More

Unleash the athlete in you with the McDavid Soccer Padded Girdle Compression Shorts. Specifically designed for soccer enthusiasts, these shorts offer robust protection with hard-shell thigh guards, hip, and tailbone pads, meeting all high-school soccer regulations.

The added cup pocket ensures comprehensive protection (cup not included). However, these shorts aren’t limited to the soccer field; they are perfect for various activities like basketball, ice hockey, lacrosse, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

The anatomically contoured hard-shell thigh protection maintains a low profile, allowing for unrestricted movement while ensuring peak performance and safety.

🛡️ PROTECTION AT ITS PEAK: McDavid Soccer Padded Girdle is a fortress of protection. The hard-shell thigh guards offer anatomically contoured low-profile protection, while hip and tailbone pads provide extra cushioning. Perfect for soccer and other high-impact sports.

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🏆 MEETS REGULATIONS: Ideal for high-school soccer, these compression shorts adhere to all regulations. The inclusion of a cup pocket adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring you’re fully equipped on the field.

🏋️ PERFORMANCE BOOST: Experience enhanced performance with increased blood flow and superior protection. These compression shorts provide stability without compromising on flexibility, allowing athletes to perform at their best.

👌 MCDAVID QUALITY: Engineered with McDavid’s signature quality, these compression shorts boast 6-thread flat-lock technology for strong seams and added comfort. The high-density foam padding is both robust and washable, making these shorts durable for the long haul.

🌬️ BREATHABLE DESIGN: The shorts are crafted from a light, breathable fabric, ensuring comfort during intense activities. The integrated core protection offers comprehensive coverage without sacrificing comfort.

🔄 MACHINE WASHABLE: Convenience meets quality with machine-washable McDavid Soccer Padded Girdle. Keep your gear fresh and ready for the next game with easy maintenance.

🏀 VERSATILE USAGE: While designed for soccer, these padded compression shorts are versatile enough for various activities requiring hip, thigh, and tailbone padding. Whether you’re on the basketball court, hockey rink, or ski slopes, McDavid has you covered.

🛒 CUP POCKET INCLUDED: The shorts come equipped with a cup pocket, adding an extra layer of protection. While the cup itself is not included, the pocket ensures you have the option for additional safeguarding.

❄️ ALL-SEASON PROTECTION: McDavid Soccer Padded Girdle isn’t limited to a specific season. Enjoy year-round protection in various activities, making it a versatile and essential addition to your sports gear collection.

Feature Details
Thigh Protection Hard-shell, anatomically contoured, low-profile
Additional Pads Hip and tailbone pads for extra protection
Cup Pocket Included for additional safeguarding (cup not included)
Performance Enhanced blood flow, superior protection, optimal flexibility
McDavid Quality 6-thread flat-lock technology, washable high-density foam padding
Breathable Design Lightweight and breathable fabric for comfort
Machine Washable Easy maintenance, ensuring gear stays fresh
Versatile Usage Suitable for soccer, basketball, hockey, skiing, and more
All-Season Protection Year-round use for various sports and activities

Engineered with McDavid’s signature quality, these shorts feature hard-shell thigh guards, hip, and tailbone pads, meeting all high-school soccer regulations.

The included cup pocket adds an extra layer of safety, though the cup itself is not included. Designed for soccer enthusiasts, these compression shorts are not limited to the soccer field, making them perfect for basketball, hockey, skiing, and more.

Experience enhanced blood flow, superior protection, and optimal flexibility without compromising comfort. With McDavid’s 6-thread flat-lock technology and breathable design, these machine-washable compression shorts ensure durability and convenience.


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