LYKAN FIT Agility Package | Premium Sports Agility Ladder, Pace Parachute, Cones – Boost Your Pace and Stamina

This comprehensive set includes a 20-foot Sports Agility Ladder, a Pace Parachute for Speed Training, 12 Yellow Disc Cones, and a convenient drawstring bag. Suitable for all ages, this agility training kit provides a competitive edge in various sports like soccer, football, rugby, hockey, running, tennis, and more. Elevate your game with LYKAN FIT!

Unleash your full athletic potential with the LYKAN FIT Agility Package. This versatile set is perfect for individuals of all ages, from children to seniors, seeking to enhance their performance in sports such as soccer, football, rugby, hockey, running, and tennis. The 20-foot Sports Agility Ladder allows you to refine footwork coordination, while the Pace Parachute adds an extra dimension to your speed training regimen. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, this package is your go-to solution for improving agility, stamina, and overall athletic prowess. Take your training to new heights with LYKAN FIT!

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🚀 Enhanced Agility: The LYKAN FIT Agility Package is designed to elevate your agility game. The 20-foot Sports Agility Ladder, with adjustable rung distances, lets you customize your training. Perfect for sports enthusiasts looking to enhance footwork coordination in soccer, football, and more.

💪 Total Body Workout: Train anywhere, anytime with our adjustable ladder gear. The comprehensive set ensures a total body workout, engaging core obliques, and maximizing cardiovascular performance. A versatile tool for fitness freaks and athletes alike.

🏃 Cardiovascular Fitness: Shed off calories and boost cardiovascular health with progressive speed ladder drills. The LYKAN FIT package facilitates varied workouts using disc cones, adding intensity to your routines. Become a fitness freak and achieve your weight loss goals with this dynamic training kit.

🌈 Variety in Training: Add a twist to your workout routine with the Running Parachute for speed training. Increase stamina, improve coordination, and make your workouts exciting. The LYKAN FIT Agility Package ensures diverse training methods to keep you motivated and engaged.

⚙️ Core Joint Strengthening: Strengthen your core joints and prevent injuries with LYKAN FIT’s agility training tools. Ideal for balancing age-related movements, this package helps you stay stronger as you age. Focus on your movements, enhance mind-body coordination, and promote a healthier lifestyle.

🎒 Portable and Convenient: Take your training set anywhere with the included drawstring bag. The lightweight and portable design make it easy to carry your agility tools to the field, gym, or wherever your training takes you. Be prepared for the next challenge with LYKAN FIT.

🌟 Comprehensive Training: From Soccer Ladder Tackling Dummies to Agility Ladders, LYKAN FIT offers a complete training solution. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a beginner, this package caters to all skill levels, providing a holistic approach to sports and fitness training.

🔄 Versatile Patterns: Modify the sports cones in various patterns to enhance your agility training. Create dynamic drills to challenge yourself and improve your overall performance. LYKAN FIT Agility Package offers endless possibilities for refining your skills and staying at the top of your game.


Feature Specification
Agility Ladder Length 20 feet
Parachute Included for Speed Training
Disc Cones 12 Yellow Cones
Storage Drawstring Bag for Portability
Adjustable Rungs Customizable for Varied Training
Suitable For All Ages – Children, Adults, Seniors
Versatility Ideal for Soccer, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Running
Comprehensive Training Total Body Workout


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