Basketball Dribbling and Shooting Training Aid – Set of 2, Improve Ball Control, Ideal for Soccer Catching (Small-Medium)

Enhance your basketball skills with this set of two Basketball Dribbling and Shooting Training Aids. Designed to keep the ball off your palm, these aids encourage players to use their finger pads for better ball control.

Perfect for soccer catching and suitable for boys in Jr. High and below (Small-Medium) and High School and above (Large-XL). For girls, we recommend the Small-Medium size unless you have larger hands.

These training aids are more than just bands; they are your secret weapon for mastering basketball skills. The innovative design keeps your palm off the ball, forcing you to use your finger pads.

This not only improves ball control but also enhances your overall dribbling and shooting techniques. The set of two bands ensures that both hands are engaged, making it a comprehensive solution for skill development.

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Enhanced Ball Control: The unique design ensures that your palm stays off the ball, compelling you to use your finger pads for precise control. 🏀👐

Perfect for Soccer Catching: Whether you’re a soccer player looking to improve your catching abilities or a basketball enthusiast, this set of two training aids is versatile and effective. The design promotes optimal hand positioning for catching and controlling the ball. ⚽👐

Tailored Sizing for Boys: For boys in Jr. High and below, the Small-Medium size is recommended, providing a secure fit for effective training. High School and above players can opt for the Large-XL size, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience. 👦🏀

Ideal for Girls: Girls of all ages can benefit from the Small-Medium size, offering a perfect fit for effective training. The design caters to various hand sizes, making it an excellent choice for female athletes seeking to enhance their basketball skills. 👧🏀

Comprehensive Training Solution: The set includes two bands, allowing you to train both hands simultaneously. This comprehensive approach ensures that both your dominant and non-dominant hands develop equal strength and control. 🤲🤲


Q: How many bands are included in the set?

A: The set includes two bands, providing a training solution for both hands.

Q: What is the recommended sizing for boys?

A: Boys in Jr. High and below should order the Small-Medium size, while those in High School and above can opt for the Large-XL size.

Q: Is there a specific recommendation for girls’ sizing?

A: We recommend all girls order the Small-Medium size unless they have larger hands. The design accommodates various hand sizes for effective training.

Feature Specification
Quantity Set of 2
Sizing for Boys Small-Medium (Jr. High and below), Large-XL (High School and above)
Sizing for Girls Small-Medium (All girls, unless with larger hands)
Material High-quality, durable bands
Ideal for Basketball dribbling, shooting, soccer catching
Hand Engagement Comprehensive training for both hands
Versatility Suitable for various hand sizes and ages


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