Professional Training Cones – Heavy-Duty 6″ Cones for Stability and Durability in All Conditions

Take training to the next level with LVL10 Professional Training Cones, designed for coaches and players who demand the best. These heavy and robust 6″ cones are the ultimate solution for stability, even in challenging weather conditions.

Perfect for a variety of sports drills, the sturdier base ensures they won’t tip over easily, providing a hassle-free training experience. πŸŒŸβš½πŸ€

Experience the unbeatable quality of LVL10 Professional Training Cones. Weighing in at 0.36 lbs each, these cones are 2.6 times heavier than flimsy alternatives, ensuring they stay firmly in place, no matter the wind or rain.

The 6.0″ square base, with a thickness of 0.70″, adds extra stability, making them resistant to being knocked over during intense dribbling drills.

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Choose cones that are not only heavier but also tougher, thanks to the thick and flexible PVC vinyl material that withstands extreme temperatures without cracking or breaking. See it flex right back into shape after being run over by an SUV in our video! πŸš—πŸ’ͺ🌈

Unmatched Stability: LVL10 Professional Training Cones redefine stability with a 6.0″ square base that boasts a thickness of 0.70″. Coaches and players will appreciate the enhanced stability, reducing the frustration of constantly fixing tipped-over cones during drills. Train with confidence, knowing your cones won’t easily slide around. πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘ŸπŸŒ¬οΈ

Heavier for a Reason: Each 6″ cone is impressively heavy, weighing 0.36 lbs. This substantial weight, 2.6 times heavier than typical cones, ensures they stay put, even in windy and wet conditions. No more chasing lightweight cones during outdoor training sessions. Elevate your training experience with cones designed for stability. πŸŒ§οΈπŸŒ¬οΈπŸ’¨

Sturdiness Redefined: The LVL10 Professional Training Cones are crafted from thick and flexible PVC vinyl material, making them 200% thicker than flimsy or brittle plastic cones. These cones won’t crack, break, or warp, even in extreme weather conditions. Experience training gear that withstands the test of time and weather. β˜€οΈβ„οΈπŸžοΈ

Ideal for Dribbling Drills: Coaches and players engaged in dribbling drills will appreciate the sturdier base of these cones. With a thickness of 0.70″, the base provides exceptional stability, making it less likely for the cones to be knocked over. Spend more time focusing on skill development and less time adjusting cones. βš½πŸ€πŸ‘Ÿ

Tested in Extreme Conditions: LVL10 Professional Training Cones aren’t just heavy; they’re tough. Tested and proven in upstate NY and Minnesota during harsh winter conditions, these cones flex right back into shape, even after being run over by an SUV. Choose cones that stand up to the elements. β„οΈπŸš—πŸ’ͺ

All-Weather Reliability: Don’t let weather conditions dictate your training schedule. LVL10 Professional Training Cones are built for all seasons. Whether it’s scorching heat or icy temps, these cones remain intact and provide reliable stability. Train with confidence, rain or shine. πŸŒ¦οΈπŸŒžβ„οΈ

Perfect for Various Sports: Versatility meets durability with LVL10 Professional Training Cones. Suitable for a wide range of sports drills, these cones cater to the needs of soccer, basketball, and other athletes. Elevate your training regimen with cones that deliver stability and reliability across different activities. βš½πŸ€πŸˆ

Invest in Lasting Quality: Coaches and players looking for durable and long-lasting training equipment need not look further. LVL10 Professional Training Cones are an investment in quality. Designed to resist wear and tear, these cones provide a stable platform for countless training sessions. πŸ’ΌπŸ’ͺ🌟

Q: How heavy are each LVL10 Professional Training Cone?

A: Each cone weighs 0.36 lbs, making them 2.6 times heavier than flimsy plastic cones, ensuring stability in various conditions.

Q: Can these cones withstand extreme temperatures?

A: Absolutely! Crafted from thick and flexible PVC vinyl material, these cones are 200% thicker than flimsy alternatives and are tested to withstand extreme temperatures, from scorching heat to icy conditions.

Q: Are these cones suitable for dribbling drills?

A: Yes, the sturdier base with a thickness of 0.70″ makes these cones ideal for dribbling drills. Coaches and players will appreciate the enhanced stability during intense training sessions.


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