Cramer Talent 7 Pad Soccer Girdle: Protect and Perform at Your Best

The Cramer Talent 7 Pad Soccer Girdle is a must-have for soccer players looking to enhance their performance and protection on the field:

Collegiate Play: Ideal for college-level soccer, this girdle offers top-notch protection without sacrificing speed.

High-Speed Matches: Whether you’re a forward or a midfielder, this girdle’s reduced pad footprint is designed for speed and agility.

Training Sessions: Stay protected during intense training sessions, drills, and practice matches.

Trusted Collegiate Brand: 🏆 Cramer is a well-known and respected brand in collegiate sports, delivering reliable products for athletes.

The Cramer Talent 7 Pad Soccer Girdle is the ultimate combination of protection and performance for soccer players. With its full-body padding, reduced footprint, and moisture-wicking fabric, it’s designed to keep you safe, comfortable, and agile on the field.

The Spider Web EVA foam ensures that even the hardest tackles won’t slow you down, while the anti-bacterial properties guarantee that you stay fresh during and after the game.

Invest in your soccer game with the trusted Cramer brand and stay at the top of your game with the Cramer Talent 7 Pad Soccer Girdle. ⚽🛡️💪

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Moisture-Wicking Comfort: The girdle’s moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable even during the sweatiest games.

Anti-Bacterial: Stay fresh and odor-free with the girdle’s anti-bacterial properties.

Full-Body Protection: 🛡️ The girdle features built-in hip, thigh, knee, and tailbone pads, offering comprehensive protection where it’s needed most.

Spider Web EVA Foam: 🕷️ The closed-cell Spider Web EVA foam provides superior impact absorption and durability to keep you safe during intense gameplay.

Reduced Pad Footprint: ⚽️ Designed for speed, the girdle minimizes pad size while maximizing protection, allowing for unhindered movement on the field.

Spandex Elastomer Waistband: 💪 The 2-inch spandex elastomer waistband ensures a secure fit and comfort during extended wear.

Moisture-Wicking Fabric: 💧 The fabric wicks away moisture and sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable even during the most demanding matches.

Anti-Bacterial Properties: 🦠 Say goodbye to post-game odors with the girdle’s anti-bacterial fabric, ensuring freshness throughout the game.

Lightweight Design: 🏋️‍♂️ Despite its robust protection, the girdle remains lightweight, allowing you to move freely without feeling weighed down.

Durable Materials: 🔒 Built to withstand the rigors of collegiate soccer, the girdle is made from high-quality nylon, spandex, and polyester mesh.

Pads decrease weight and bulk with 5/8″ thick foam whereas nonetheless offering safety the place it’s wanted most.

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