Elevate Your Game with the CHAMPRO AMT-2000 Varsity Shoulder Pad

The CHAMPRO AMT-2000 Varsity Shoulder Pad is engineered with athlete comfort as a top priority. Its innovative air-management detachable liner system, crafted from open-cell foam, provides exceptional comfort by helping to keep athletes cool during intense play.

Customizable Fit: Achieving the perfect fit is essential for optimal performance and safety. This shoulder pad features impact-control dual deltoid pads that can be easily adjusted to ensure a snug and secure fit. Athletes can customize the fit to match their unique preferences and playing style.

Hygienic Design: Maintaining a clean and hygienic sports gear is crucial for athletes. The CHAMPRO AMT-2000 shoulder pad’s detachable liner system is not only comfortable but also easy to remove for thorough cleaning. This design promotes hygiene and ensures that athletes can step onto the field with confidence.

Built to Last: Durability is key when it comes to sports equipment. The CHAMPRO AMT-2000 is designed to withstand the rigors of varsity-level play. Its robust construction ensures that it can handle the demands of the game season after season.

Elevate your game, prioritize safety, and enjoy unbeatable comfort with the CHAMPRO AMT-2000 Varsity Shoulder Pad. Designed for varsity athletes who demand the best, this shoulder pad offers a customizable fit, hygienic design, and top-tier performance.

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Varsity-Level Performance: This shoulder pad is engineered for varsity athletes who demand top-tier performance. It provides the protection and support needed to excel on the field, making it an ideal choice for dedicated players aiming to reach their full potential.

Stylish Design: Sporting a sleek black and blue color scheme, this shoulder pad not only offers premium performance but also looks great on the field. Athletes can feel confident and look sharp while competing at their best.

Enhanced Safety: The impact-control deltoid pads provide an additional layer of safety by offering protection to a critical area of the body. Safety should always be a top priority, and this shoulder pad delivers on that front.

Available in Multiple Sizes: Finding the right fit is effortless with the CHAMPRO AMT-2000. It comes in various sizes, including 2X, ensuring that athletes of different body types can find their perfect fit.

Trusted Brand: CHAMPRO is a renowned name in sports equipment, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. When you choose the AMT-2000 Varsity Shoulder Pad, you’re investing in a product backed by a brand with a strong reputation.

Performance Enhancement: The combination of comfort, fit customization, and durability offered by this shoulder pad can enhance an athlete’s performance on the field. It provides the confidence needed to perform at one’s best.

COMFORTABLE: Air-management detachable liner system fabricated from open-cell foam helps cool athletes, whereas the impact-control twin deltoid pads will be adjusted for consolation and eliminated for cleansing.

FLEXIBLE: Swivel back and front connectors permit the shoulder pads to maneuver with the participant for a extra pure really feel in the course of the depth of play.

LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: Low-profile cantilever pad building permits for a higher vary of movement.

EXTENSIVE PADDING: Constructed-in clavicle pads and padded epaulets are designed to maximise cushioning.

SECURE FIT: 1.5” huge belt and buckle hookup system with 14-hole strap secures the pads each firmly and comfortably.


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