Baseball Sliding Shorts for Men – Compression Padded Slider Shorts for Unmatched Protection and Comfort (Medium) Black

Experience unmatched protection during high-intensity sports like baseball with Bodyprox Baseball Sliding Shorts for Men. Designed for impeccable comfort and abrasion protection, these compression padded slider shorts are a must-have for athletes who want to perform at their peak.

Whether sliding into bases or making dynamic movements on the field, these shorts provide the ultimate support, ensuring you can focus on your performance without worrying about injuries.

🛡️ UNMATCHED PROTECTION: Bodyprox’s Baseball Sliding Shorts offer unparalleled protection during motion and contact sports. Specifically designed to shield thighs and glutes against abrasions while sliding, these shorts are essential gear for any athlete aiming for peak performance.

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🌬️ SWEAT-WICKING FEATURES: Constructed from premium materials with 82% polyester, 11% spandex, and 7% quilted sponge side padding, these shorts feature sweat-wicking capabilities. Athletes can stay cool, dry, and fresh, even during intense gameplay, and the material holds up excellently even after multiple washes.

🩳 DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Ergonomically designed to conform naturally to the body, Bodyprox’s Sliding Shorts provide a comfortable fit. The sweat-wicking feature adds to the comfort, making these shorts ideal for baseball players who seek both protection and ease of movement.

🔄 ELASTIC STRETCH WAISTBAND: The shorts feature an elastic stretch waistband for an easy and snug fit. With quilted sponge side panels providing extra protection, these shorts ensure confidence and support, allowing players to give their best shot on the field. Please note that no cup is included in the package.

🔄 FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Choosing the right size is crucial for optimal performance. Bodyprox’s Sliding Shorts are built to ensure a double layer of unparalleled support and bruise protection during sliding. The design allows players to move freely on the field while safeguarding against falls and impacts.

Feature Details
Unmatched Protection Shields Thighs and Glutes During Sliding
Sweat-Wicking Material 82% Polyester, 11% Spandex, 7% Quilted Sponge
Designed for Comfort Ergonomic Design for a Natural Fit
Elastic Stretch Waistband Easy and Snug Fit
Freedom of Movement Allows Players to Move Freely on the Field

🌐 SIZE SELECTION MATTERS: Ensuring the right size is selected guarantees a double layer of support and bruise protection during sliding. Bodyprox’s Sliding Shorts are constructed to withstand falls while allowing players the freedom to move. Stay safe on the field with Bodyprox!

🏆 TRUSTED BRAND: Bodyprox is a trusted brand committed to providing athletes with high-quality gear. The Baseball Sliding Shorts reflect the brand’s dedication to delivering top-notch products that prioritize both protection and performance.


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