ProGuard Mouth Guards: Unleash Your Sport with Confidence 🥊

Discover the ultimate protection for your sporting endeavors with the ProGuard Mouth Guards – the best companions for athletes engaged in intense sports like boxing, rugby, lacrosse, basketball, and MMA. This bundle includes 2 professional-grade mouth guards designed to cater to the diverse needs of athletes.

The ProGuard Mouth Guard provides comprehensive protection for the upper bracket, shielding you in the most intense sports competitions, ensuring that both your lips and inner upper teeth are safeguarded against the impact of the lower bracket. This robust design allows you to face your opponents fearlessly while showcasing your unique style on the field.

Our mouth guards are engineered with a focus on delivering the most professional oral protection for athletes. They feature a three-layer design, incorporating a gel-fitted lining and a shock-absorbing exoskeleton frame. Crafted from comfortable, food-grade EVA material, the mouthguard becomes pliable after heating, making it easy to mold to your teeth’s unique configuration and hold them securely in place, ensuring your focus remains on your game.

The ProGuard Mouth Guards offer a comfortable and customizable fit, thanks to the soft material that has elastic memory, allowing it to adapt to tooth movement. It can be easily trimmed to accommodate different tooth arrangements and sizes, ensuring your mouthguard is a perfect fit. Three strategically placed perforations enhance air circulation, promoting relaxed breathing, optimal comfort, and maintaining a snug fit during extended wear.

🥋 Total Protection: ProGuard Mouth Guards offer all-around protection for athletes engaged in high-impact sports, ensuring your safety on the field.

🤼‍♂️ Professional Design: The three-layer design, gel-fitted lining, and shock-absorbing exoskeleton frame deliver professional oral protection for athletes.

🛡️ Secure Fit: Crafted from comfortable EVA material, the mouthguard becomes pliable after heating, allowing for a personalized and secure fit.


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🌬️ Optimal Airflow: Three strategically placed perforations improve air circulation, promoting relaxed breathing for peak comfort.

🩸 Fearless Performance: With ProGuard, athletes can confidently confront opponents and focus on their sportsmanship, knowing they are protected.

💪 Durable Materials: The use of high-quality, food-grade materials ensures the longevity and durability of ProGuard Mouth Guards.

🏆 Perfect for Various Sports: Suitable for a wide range of sports, including boxing, rugby, lacrosse, basketball, and MMA.

🧘 Elastic Memory: The soft material adapts to tooth movement, offering a comfortable and customizable fit for athletes.

💯 Customer Satisfaction: ProGuard Mouth Guards have earned the trust of countless athletes who experience the perfect blend of safety and performance.

This common mouth guard is simple to put in and matches enamel and gums. After repeating the becoming course of many occasions, you’re going to get a tacit associate, which is completely appropriate to your mouth and helps you win championships in varied competitions. The scale is appropriate for younger and grownup women and men. (boil and chew).

These 2 soccer mouthpiece holders are appropriate for all head-body collision sports activities that require mouthguards, corresponding to soccer, wrestling, rugby, basketball, hockey, and so forth.! Present tooth safety for professionals and rookies. The most effective present for a sports activities good friend.



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